Top 10 monsoon trek in Nashik?

Nashik, located in the state of Maharashtra, is surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range, offering several excellent trekking opportunities during the monsoon season. Here are ten popular monsoon treks in and around Nashik:

  1. Kalsubai Peak Trek: Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra, offering breathtaking views of the Sahyadri range. The trek is challenging and rewarding, especially during the monsoon when the surroundings are lush and vibrant.
  2. Ratangad Trek: Ratangad is a fort with a natural rock peak at its summit. The trek takes you through dense forests, waterfalls, and offers stunning views of the Sahyadris, especially alluring in the monsoon.
  3. Harishchandragad Trek: Harishchandragad is a historic fort known for its Konkan Kada viewpoint, which is particularly mesmerizing during the monsoon with waterfalls cascading down the cliffs.
  4. Salher Salota Trek: Salher and Salota are twin forts with beautiful trails. The trek offers a unique experience during the monsoon with cascading waterfalls and misty landscapes.
  5. Brahmagiri Trek: Brahmagiri is a trek near Trimbakeshwar, offering panoramic views of Nashik and its surroundings. The trail becomes lush and green during the monsoon.
  6. Anjaneri Trek: Anjaneri is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. The trek is relatively easy and becomes a beautiful experience with the landscape covered in a green carpet during the monsoon.
  7. Saptashrungi Devi Trek: Saptashrungi is a sacred trek to the temple of Goddess Saptashrungi. The trek offers stunning views of the Sahyadri range and becomes magical during the monsoon.
  8. Bhairavgad Trek: Bhairavgad is a trek to a hill fort with a steep climb and is best enjoyed during the monsoon when the region is adorned with lush greenery.
  9. Alang, Madan, Kulang Trek: Known as AMK, this trek is a combination of three forts – Alang, Madan, and Kulang. It’s a challenging trek, made even more exciting in the monsoon with slippery rock patches and waterfalls.
  10. Harihar Fort Trek: Harihar Fort is famous for its peculiar rock-cut steps and is an exciting trek, especially in the monsoon when the surroundings are drenched in greenery.

Always prioritize safety during your treks, especially during the monsoon, by checking weather forecasts, wearing appropriate gear, and being mindful of slippery trails. Additionally, it’s advisable to go on treks with experienced guides or trekking groups.

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