Tourism in Manipur

Manipur is a state located in northeastern India, known for its scenic landscapes, diverse culture, and rich history. Often referred to as the “Jewel of India,” Manipur offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Here are some of the top places to visit and things to do in Manipur:

1. Imphal:

  • Kangla Fort: A historic fort with archaeological significance.
  • Ima Keithel (Mother’s Market): An iconic all-women market.
  • Loktak Lake: The largest freshwater lake in Northeast India, known for its floating islands (phumdis).
  • Imphal War Cemetery: A serene and well-maintained cemetery dedicated to World War II soldiers.

2. Loktak Lake:

  • Keibul Lamjao National Park: Home to the rare and endangered Sangai deer.
  • Sendra Island: A popular spot for boat rides on the lake.

3. Moirang:

  • Moirang War Memorial: A memorial commemorating the Indian National Army’s role in the freedom struggle.
  • Loktak Lake: Explore the picturesque landscapes around Loktak Lake.

4. Bishnupur:

  • Bishnupur Temple Complex: Historic temples known for their unique architecture.
  • Rasmancha: A pyramidal brick temple.

5. Ukhrul:

  • Shirui Hills: Known for the Shirui Lily, a rare and beautiful flower.
  • Khayang Peak: Offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills.

6. Tamenglong:

  • Barak Waterfall: A stunning waterfall surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Tharon Cave: A limestone cave system worth exploring.

7. Chandel:

  • Moreh: A town on the India-Myanmar border known for its bustling market.
  • Tengnoupal: Known for its scenic beauty and proximity to the Myanmar border.

8. Andro:

  • Andro Cultural Village: Experience the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Manipur.

9. Keirao:

  • Keirao Bitra Dam: A picturesque dam with lush surroundings.

10. Handicrafts and Culture: – Explore Manipur’s rich cultural heritage through its traditional dance forms like Manipuri dance and martial arts like Thang-ta. – Shop for handwoven textiles, handicrafts, and bamboo products.

11. Festivals: – Participate in vibrant festivals like the Manipur Sangai Festival, Lai Haraoba, and Yaoshang (Holi).

12. Trekking and Adventure: – Go trekking in the hills and forests of Manipur for a thrilling outdoor experience.

13. Try Local Cuisine: – Sample Manipuri cuisine, including dishes like Eromba, Chakhao Kheer, and Bamboo Shoot Curry.

Manipur is known for its warm and welcoming people who are proud of their cultural heritage. The best time to visit Manipur is during the cooler months from October to March, when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Please note that while Manipur is a beautiful destination, it’s important to check travel advisories and be aware of any security or political concerns in the region before planning your visit.

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