Manali to Padum – Shinkula Pass Travel Guide | Phuktal Monastery Trek Details | Manali to Zanskar

Do you know you can do a solo bike ride to the newly opened adventurous road connecting Manali to Padum via Shinku La Pass? This Manali to Zanskar new road which starts near Darcha on Manali Leh Highway connects Lahaul Valley with Zanskar Valley at Shinku La Pass.

The opening of this route has cut short the journey from Manali to Zanskar Valley and made it possible for anyone to travel in just one day from Manali to Padum from Shingo La Pass and Phuktal Monastery route. This is the second episode of the series and in this I cover a detailed travel guide of Manali to Padum via Shingo La Pass as a vlog / interview session / Shinku La Pass travel guide with Sajal Sheth from Cuttack who is 56-yr-old and completed this adventurous ride in the month of May when there was snow on Shingo La Pass.

I have discussed with him at length about Shinkula Pass route, Manali to Padum via Shinku La la pass distance, Shinkula Pass Road Conditions, Purne to Phuktal Monastery Trek details and where exactly is Shingo La pass on map. It will help you understand how to reach Padum from Manali and help you plan a trip to on this adventurous route including Shinkula Top and Phugtal Monastery successfully.

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