Mobile Phone Connectivity in Leh Ladakh | Best Mobile Phone Networks in Ladakh

Many people ask me on this channel questions about mobile phone connectivity in Leh Ladakh which include some of the following: - Which mobile phone network works in Ladakh?

- Is there Internet in Ladakh or how about data speed in Ladakh?

- Can I work from home in Leh Ladakh or do remote work in Ladakh?

- Can I make PayTM or UPI Payments in Ladakh?

- Do pre-paid connections work in Ladakh region or just post-paid?

- Which mobile sim should I carry on Ladakh road trip? Mobile connectivity in Leh Ladakh is fairly limited and not all places have mobile network or Internet connectivity in Ladakh region. Remote places of Ladakh like Tso Moriri, Hanle, Pangong Tso, etc.. struggle as well to provide continuous phone connection to tourists.

Well, in this video today, I will share with you some important points and tips about mobile network connectivity in Ladakh region so that you can plan your upcoming Ladakh trip successfully.

Hence, it becomes very important that you inform your loved ones back at home whenever you get an opportunity to contact them before leaving for the day or after reaching your destination. This step will help them keep your whereabouts in case you get stuck in between some no phone connectivity zones.

Other topics covered in this video:

- Does Reliance Jio sim card work on a Ladakh trip?

- Does Vodafone’s phone connection card work on a trip to Ladakh?

- Does Aircel phone connection card work on a Leh Ladakh trip?

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