What clothes to carry on Leh Ladakh Trip , Ladakh Trip Packing List, Packing Clothes for Ladakh

Are you planning a Leh Ladakh road trip in 2023 and confused about what clothes to carry for Ladakh trip? or what clothes should you pack for Ladakh trip? Well, it all comes down to which season are you traveling and how sensitive you are in cold conditions. If you are traveling in summer time which is the main season of Leh Ladakh trip then it is usually pleasant up there in Ladakh and that would mean different clothing.

However, winter is very cold up there and in case of a winter trip to Ladakh you must prepare well and pack your clothes for Leh Ladakh trip to protect you from cold. And finally, you have the confusing months of shoulder season when the plains are hot while the Himalayas are cold enough to be winter-like. Hence clothing for Ladakh trip becomes important.

In this video, I explain the topic of carrying the right balance of clothing on Ladakh trips for these different seasons of summer, winter, and shoulder months. Keeping such factors in mind, I will recommend below a general list of clothes to carry on a Leh Ladakh trip. What clothes to carry for Leh Ladakh trip 2023 or what clothes should I wear in Ladakh?

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